Shift Along

Shift Along

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"Shift Along"  Andrea Mowry
Teacher: Émilie Fournier
Price: 50.00$
Dates: Saturday 23, 30 November of 1pm to 3pm

Knit Andrea Mowry's "The Shift Along Hat" with us. It is knitted with a basic color and 2 secondary colors.
A great way to learn how to work with 2 wools at the same time!
The course is of 2 weeks duration.

Required material:   Pattern(available for purchase through Ravelry), 400 meters of wire "Fingering" type of three different colors. Circular 2.75mm and 3.50 mm needles 16"in length.
Prerequisites: Advanced beginner: knowledge of stitches up and down, decreases, increases.

* Suggestion of wool: Zauberball Crazy, Drops Nord

***Important Information***
CAD $50.00
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