Driftwood 6" Hook

Product Code:LK-6CR-350

Named after the Norwegian word for happiness, the LYKKE products combine high quality materials and thoughtful design to produce beautiful, durable, happy-making knitting needles.

Promising plenty of warmth and comfort as you knit, the precise pointy tips, smooth throats are a true pleasure to work with. The LYKKE Driftwood Crochet Hooks 6'' (15cm) are made of smooth and light, hard birch wood with a beautiful grayish finish that varies with the wood grain. The black metal endcaps have the sizes permanently etched into them for quick and easy identification. Our beautiful needles are handcrafted and assembled.

Individual hooks are available in size:
US E/4    3.50mm
US F/5    3.75mm
US G/6   4.00mm
US 7       4.50mm
US H/8   5.00mm
US I/9    5.50mm
US J/10  6.00mm
US K/10.5  6.50mm
US L/11   8.00mm
US M/13  9.00mm

CAD $7.00
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