Crackling Candle 8 oz - Mint + Rosemary
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Crackling Candle 8 oz - Mint + Rosemary

Product Code:BOU8-01

Made with love...& much more

In a tiny workshop as humble as creative, Flambette’s products are entirely handmade from natural ingredients known for their exceptional qualities that are picked with a deep environmental conscience. Surprising and yet familiar, their richest fragrances were carefully picked for their addictiveness. What makes them even more charming? They’re infused with a heavy dose of love, just like the story that unites their creators.

Treating yourself to a Flambette is a promise to enjoy every minute: like when you are lighting a candle while reading a few chapters from a good book; taking a long shower and letting the pressure of the everyday stream down until it disappears completely; coming home to the most comforting smell after a tiring day.

Made from 100% pure soy wax, our handmade candles are best known as comfort-in-a-pot. Their wooden wicks burn slooooowly, crackling soothingly while diffusing an enveloping fragrance for hours.

Here some tips the help you get the best of it.

Hold the candle on an angle when lighting it
Trim wick to ¼’’ (6mm) before each use (tear burnt part)
For best Result, burn until wax melts evenly across (minimum 1hr). This will prevent the formation of a hole around the wick, which would cause it to extinguish in future uses. Container candles have a memory.

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