Amour crochet hook gift set
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Amour crochet hook gift set

Product Code:7836730

Clover Amour Hooks have a soft and supple texture thanks to their cover in elastomer, a non-slip material making crocheting comfortable and stress free. The rounded off handle also possesses a "dish", what suits both techniques of hook, by holding the hook through the top or by using it as a pencil.

The surface of the hook is smooth and allows the stitches to slide perfectly and smoothly. The hook is designed to prevent the thread from sliding and from taking or from pulling more easily stitches.  This hook is also adapted to the suffering people of arthritis. Thanks to his soft handle and his rounded off form, he allows you to work by requesting less your joints.

The lively and different colors for every size allow you to spot more easily your hooks.

The Clover Amour Crochet Hook Gift Set include the following 10 sizes

Hook Sizes: B-1 / 2.25mm, C-2 / 2.75mm, D-3 / 3.25mm, E-4 / 3.50mm, F-5 / 3.75mm, G-6 / 4.00mm, 7 / 4.50mm, H-8 / 5.00mm, I-9 / 5.50mm, J-10 / 6.00mm 

Gift set includes zippered crochet hook case with handy pocket for various accessories.
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