Yarn Bowl

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Discover our handcrafted wooden bowls. Cut in one piece, directly in the noble part of the tree (the core of the trunk), their sizes and shapes are exclusive. By obtaining yours, you are assured of receiving a unique item; let chance do its work!

Once the different wood logs have been harvested, Léo Emond, a passionate craftsman of the Bas-St-Laurent, selected and then cut into pieces, which he turns on a wooden tower for the first time.Then there is a drying period. When the wooden bowls are dry, it proceeds to the final stage of filming to give them a definitive shape, subsequently they are fully polished by hand to remove all roughnesses and porosities. This gives this real softness to the touch, so pleasant as well as a superb natural shine.

The use of 100% pure abrasive oil, not polymerized, is used for the finishing of wooden bowls. It gives the wood a high resistance against water, alcohol and abrasion.

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